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'Mom, I made it!' - Basketball superstars meet Obama at White House

Basketball superstar LeBron James and his Miami Heat colleagues have been honoured at the White House after the team's victory in the 2012 NBA Championships.

A beaming President Obama was handed a signed basketball and personalised Heat jersey as he celebrated the team's achievements.

LeBron James, perhaps the sport's biggest name, appeared overwhelmed at meeting Obama in such a setting.

"We're at the White House right now, and it's like - damn - Mom, I made it!" he said.

James was last season's Most Valuable Player (MVP) and is reportedly the league's second highest-paid player.

A signed basketball to be presented to President Obama is held by LeBron James as Obama honors the 2012 NBA champions Miami Heat. Credit: Reuters

Heat player Dwayne Wade then joked that the team should offer the president a ten-day contract.

"You could use a shooter," Obama replied.

Displaying his knowledge of the game, Obama said:

"Dwayne Wade worked on his core. LeBron learned some post moves from Hakeem. Shane Battier came on board.

"They became a more complete team. They got to know each other better and trust each other more and they became more fun to watch."

The president is a keen basketball fan and was even pictured shooting hoops on election day.

LA Lakers legend Magic Johnson was a vocal supporter of Obama in the run up to 2012's election and the First Lady's older brother is the head coach of Oregon State University's basketball team.

Last year the president and his wife were also caught on Kiss Cam while watching a basketball game in Washington: