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Tonight: How Much Could You Save? 

How much money could you save in 2013? Photo: Tonight

Martin Lewis has been doing money makeovers for 10 years and he is on a mission to make sure we all get to grips with our finances in 2013.

Saving money is not just about a one off spring clean. To be money savvy you need to keep the momentum going year after year. So follow Martin’s advice, start changing those bad habits and a see how much you can save.

If you don’t tighten up your finances they’ll become fat and flabby. And January is the time I like to grab peoples zeal for New Year change and focus it on their pockets.

Heather and Carl Scott with Martin Lewis. Credit: Tonight

Heather and Carl Scott received a visit from Martin three years ago.

They had £13,000 of credit card debt and did not know how to stop their spending spiralling out of control. Following Martin’s advice has helped them reverse the momentum.

They have now reduced their debt by more than half and it is continuing to shrink.

John and Susan Loftus have the rule, do not spend more than you earn. Credit: Tonight

Back to 2013 and Martin is on hand again to help two new families with very different financial issues.

John and Susan Loftus have an old fashioned attitude to money – their golden rule – do not spend more than you earn. But being good with money management is not enough.

The Loftus’ are letting themselves down by not shopping around for the best deals, and when it comes to finances, loyalty to the same providers rarely pays. They found out the hard way by paying a whopping £700 more for their home insurance than they needed to.

In just a few minutes Martin shows them how they could be saving more than £2,000 a year, If only they shopped around a bit more.

There are two things you have to have to be good with money - be good with your budgeting and be good at playing the system.

Martin Lewis with Kate and Andrew Park. Credit: Tonight

Martin is also on hand to offer shopping advice to parents Kate and Andrew Park. While they are ‘best buy’ savvy, they are being let down by overspending on their food shopping.

Martin’s top tip - drop one brand level in your trolley and you could be saving yourself 30% on your shopping bill.

Martin casts his money savvy net on a number of issues from changing energy suppliers to the mis-selling of packaged bank accounts.

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