1. ITV Report

The day in pictures - 1st February 2013

Beijing, China

Five migrant workers held a sit-in protest dressed as characters from the game Angry Birds outside the China National Radio Headquarters in the capital, claiming they are owed salaries earned at construction sites in China's Hebei province.

These workers said their salaries had been defaulted by various companies. Credit: Reuters

Edinburgh, Scotland

A driver will probably regret parking in an area of Edinburgh Waverley Station cordoned off for resurfacing, after workers carried on as planned today - leaving a small ramp to allow them to eventually drive out.

A Mercedes now sits in the middle of diggers at the station. Credit: STV

Karachi, Pakistan

Locals gathered around to examine a 12-feet long whale shark, brought to Karachi's fish harbour.

The whale shark was caught by local fishermen, local media reported. Credit: Reuters

Harrachov, Czech Republic

Simon Ammann, from Switzerland, was pictured taking his practice jump at the World Cup Ski Flying competition.

Swiss skier Ammann got some serious air on his practice jump. Credit: Reuters

Fallujah, Iraq

Tens of thousands of Sunni Muslims joined protests in western Iraq against the Shi'ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki today.

Sunni Muslims shouted joined rallies after Friday prayers, to shout anti-government slogans. Credit: Reuters

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A 360-degree panoramic view from the very top of the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, has been unveiled.

The interactive image aims to give viewers a sense of how it feels to look out at 2,716 feet. Credit: HIPA

London, England

Not to be outdone, London now has a pretty special new viewpoint, after mayor Boris Johnson opened the public viewing deck at the Shard.

At 800 feet, this is the highest vantage point in western Europe. Credit: PA

Los Angeles, USA

Bruce Willis admitted he was taken aback by a giant mural of his Die Hard character John McClane at 20th Century Fox Studios in LA.

Jim Gianopulos from Fox - and the real Bruce Willis - looked on as the image was unveiled. Credit: Reuters