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Weather changes to a cold snap with more rain and heavy gales to follow

The first two weeks of January were mild and frost free with wet and windy weather for many.

Then all change from 14th, when winter decided to arrive with a bang.

Within a week 80 per cent of the UK was covered in snow.

The morning of 16th January was the coldest of the winter with a bitterly cold -13.6 degrees celsius at Buntingford.

The 18th was a turning point when significant snowfall swept in from the west bringing disruption to many, peak snow depths were recorded as 30 centimetres.

Then quick as a flash it was gone and we ended mild, wet and windy.

Flood water from recent snow melt bursts over the lock gates of the River Chelmer at Paper Mill Lock, Little Baddow, Essex Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

At the start of February, cold air tries to bite back, but it is more of a nip.

The fight begins today with an area of low pressure sitting in central Scotland, bringing a weather front with rain and hill snow.

This is the ‘dividing line’, as to the north the cold air sits and waits.

The low pressure will drag the cold air in and the rain will turn increasingly to snow giving 10 centimetres on hills and some to low levels.

The northerly wind sets in through Friday and the dividing line will advance south, allowing wintry showers into Scotland.

By evening the dividing line is as far as Wales and the Midlands, by midnight it will have cleared the south meaning we are all into the cold frosty air for Saturday, that seems a distant memory.

But blink and you will miss it, because wet and windy weather fights back later on this weekend.

Tankersley, South Yorkshire, as drivers were returning to their abandoned vehicles after heavy snow storms left hundreds stranded Credit: Dave Higgens/PA Wire

What does that mean for the weekend?


A shock to the system, with a cold, frosty and for some, icy start.

Plus overnight wintry showers will have blown in on the northerly wind giving a covering of snow to North Sea coasts as far south as East Anglia.

A much colder day with a noticeable wind chill, the best thing will be the winter sunshine, which will be out in buckets.

The wintry showers in the east will ease and become confined to East Anglia later in the day.

Then sunshine turns hazy in the west as our next weather front approaches.


Back to the familiar wind and rain returning from the west, with western areas start frost free but wet and windy.

Eastern areas have a sunny frosty start, but make the most of it.

One positive with strong winds will be the rain band will make swift progress across the country, so we will all see a spell of rain but it’ll be short and sharp.

It clears the southeast soon after lunchtime, leaving a blustery afternoon with the chance of a few brighter spells.

Unfortunately though further rain is set to arrive in the northwest towards the end of the day.

Next Week:

We start with Autumn then add sprinkles of Winter.

One low pressure dominates keeping the outlook windy with gales in the north.

This drags colder air across the country and the risk of snow returns increasingly through the week.

Enjoy the sunshine and lighter winds tomorrow, who knows when they’ll return?