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Video of baby dancing Gangnam Style goes viral

Little Amaya dances madly to Gangnam Style in the car, leaving her sister in hysterics. Photo: YouTube

A video of a little girl dancing madly to Gangnam Style has gone viral online, gaining hundreds of thousands of hits in a few hours.

Amaya is seen peacefully sleeping on a car journey with music playing in the background until her "favourite song" comes on.

The youngster wakes immediately and begins dancing to the hit single by South Korean singer Psy, leaving her sister in hysterics.

The video, which was posted on YouTube on Monday, has already racked up more than 350,000 hits.

Under one edit of the video her father wrote: "Fast asleep on a little car ride, she can sleep through anything...anything but her favourite song!

"I'm having fun watching all the attention it's got...and for me the best part about it is that my daughters got to make a lot of people smile and laugh...HOW COOL IS THAT!"