Hints of radical change as new governor faces MPs

It's not every day we get a new governor of the Bank of England (once a decade since the 1960s), so there was great interest today in what the man who is due take over in July had to say.

Mark Carney appeared before the Treasury Select Committee - essentially giving them his first on-the-record interview since his appointment was announced.

Expectations were running high. Mr Carney is a bit of a star in central bank circles (admittedly a small pool) after a good run so far in Canada and has been making waves with hints he could radically change the way things are done over here.

With interest rates almost as low as they can go, hundreds of billions of pounds of quantitative easing - and evidence it's not working as well as it did - there are many, including the Chancellor, who hope he will bring fresh thinking to the Bank.

Here's what Mr Carney had to say: