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In pictures: Brazil's world famous Rio Carnival

Revellers of Portela samba school dance at the festival. Photo: Reuters/Ricardo Moraes

The Rio Carnival showed off Brazil's best colour and style as thousands of revellers flocked to the streets for the world famous event.

The extravaganza which involves millions of people and brings the country to a standstill began on Friday and culminates on Tuesday with some of Brazil's top Samba schools competing at the Sambadrome.

Here's a selection of images from Brazil's famous Carnival:

Thousands of revellers gather in Brazil's capital city on Sunday. Credit: Reuters/Ricardo Moraes
Millions of people watch the events from the streets of the Brazilian capital. Credit: Reuters/Pilar Olivares
The annual Carnival parade at Rio de Janeiro's Sambadrome. Credit: Reuters/Ricardo Moraes
Revellers of Portela Samba school dance at the festival. Credit: Reuters/Ricardo Moraes
Unidos da Tijuca Samba school performers entertain thousands of spectators. Credit: Reuters/Ricardo Moraes
Dancing and music feature heavily in the five day extravaganza. Credit: Reuters/Ricardo Moraes
The Rio Carnival allows Samba schools to compete in the world-renowned festival. Credit: Reuters/Pilar Olivares
As many as 4,000 revellers from each Samba school compete. Credit: Reuters/Sergio Moraes
Acrobatics in Rio. Credit: Reuters/Pilar Olivares