1. ITV Report

The day in pictures - 12th February 2013

Bangkok, Thailand

A crowd of 4,483 people in Thailand have wriggled their way into the Guinness world record books.

They set the new standard for the most number of people simultaneously hula-hooping.

The event at Thammasat University stadium in Pathum Thani province, on the outskirts of Bangkok, was organised by the Government to promote exercise and good health.

The mass hula-hooping broke the previous record held by Taiwan. Credit: REUTERS/Kerek Wongsa

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Performers in Brazil made their usual song and dance to close out Rio's annual street carnival parade.

A crowd of more than 70,000 turned out at the Sambadrome to see the colourful finale, held 15 days after the blowout began with street parties across the city.

Revellers from the Vila Isabel samba school bask in a golden glow. Credit: REUTERS/Sergio Moraes

Vatican City

While the world responded to the surprise of Pope Benedict XVI's resignation, the roof of St. Peter's Basilica got a shock from the heavens.

A bolt of lightning was captured hitting the Basilica, one of the holiest of Catholic churches, twice within hours of the announcement.

A sign from above? The lightning struck during a heavy storm at the Vatican.

London, England

MPs have battered the opposition once again to claim victory in the annual Pancake Race outside the Houses of Parliament.

The politicians faced the finest pancake carriers from the House of Lords and a team of worthy hacks - including ITV News' very own Political Correspondent Libby Wiener - for the Rehab title.

Conservative MP Tim Loughton crossed the finishing line to enjoy the taste of victory. Credit: Oliver Dixon/Image Wise

Seoul, South Korea

An image of North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un is shown engulfed in flames south of the border in protests over the isolated communist state's nuclear test.

The North defended the test as legal and described it as a "self-defensive measure" that served as a "first response" to "US threats".

A protester burns a picture of Kim Jong-un in South Korea's capital Seoul. Credit: REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

Takasago, Japan

A passenger train was left mangled at a station platform after colliding with a trailer truck at a crossing in western Japan.

Fortunately there was no loss of life in the afternoon crash, although the train's driver was reportedly seriously injured with fractured bones.

The 14 passengers and the truck driver suffered slight injuries.

Investigators in Hyogo prefecture attend to the crash site. Credit: REUTERS/Kyodo

Kapetakan, Indonesia

And finally... here's something to possibly make your recoil in horror.

They may look like a pile of tape measures, but these are snakes which are being curled up and dried at an Indonesian slaughterhouse.

The reptiles' meat is used in medicines, while their skins become bags, shoes, wallets and belts.

Some see snake meat as a remedy for skin diseases and asthma, as well as an aid to increase virility. Credit: REUTERS/Beawiharta