What can we read into Mark Carney's support of Everton?

What Mark Carney's Everton shirt would look like. The '3' represents the rate of inflation forecasted by the Bank. Photo: Everton FC

By common consent it is impossible to succeed in public life or to achieve high office in the UK without professing devotion to a football club.

Tony Blair supported Newcastle United, David Cameron and the Bank of England Governor Sir Mervyn King share a passion for Aston Villa.

So what are to we to make of the revelation from Ottowa overnight that the incoming Governor of the Bank, Canadian hockey-jock Mark Carney, is a fan of Everton?

The next Bank of England Governor Mark Carney Credit: REUTERS/Chris Wattie

I'm told a member of the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee "visibly blanched" upon hearing the revelation.

Does Mr Carney have a savvy PR advisor telling him that his monetary policy would not be taken seriously without some footie allegiance?

Does he have a better eye for talent which could (perhaps) benefit the British economy? Aston Villa is languishing in 17th place in the Premiership, while Everton is in 6th.

Or perhaps it is his wife, Diana, we should be taking note of. A British economist, she supports Arsenal which is one rung higher still in the League.