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'Who's that girl?' British backpacker reunited with over 300 holiday photos after internet campaign to find her

'Who's that girl?' It's Catriona Bowman Photo: YouTube

When Catriona Bowman went backpacking around Europe she took so many pictures she filled her camera's memory card, but while swapping it for a new one it went missing.

Catriona was heartbroken when she realised she had lost more than 300 pictures of her trip.

Despite a desperate search in the cafe where they had last seen the card it had gone and Catriona and her friend Emily Fazah thought the card and the precious pictures it held were lost forever.

But somehow, several miles away, the card turned up and was found by advertising executive Peter van Leeuwen at Schiphol airport.

Peter decided that there was only one way to reunite the card with its owner and started an internet campaign to find the owner of the card. He created a YouTube video containing some of the pictures titled; 'Who's that girl?' and started Twitter and Facebook calls to find her.

With the video Peter explained:

Help! We've found a SD-card with holiday-pics at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, which we'd love to return to its owner. Problem: we don't know who the owner is. Please help us find this girl to return the pictures of her travelling the world. Sharing is caring!

The video has already racked up over 33,500 views and eventually an old friend recognised Catriona - who now has all of her photos.

When she found out about the internet search Catriona told Dutch national radio; “I am ecstatic, in shock. I was crying for days when I lost the card, but then five minutes ago Emily called. Not only the card is back now, but I am now on Dutch national radio and YouTube, I had no clue everybody was searching for me.”