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Nearly half admit to using phones and computers to communicate with people in the same house

Nearly half of us use technology devices to communicate with friends and family, even when they are in the same house, a study has revealed.

Forty five per cent of people would rather text or call a family member than go into the next room to speak to them.

Three quarters of the population would struggle without technology Credit: Adam Peck/PA Wire

The report by the The Halifax Insurance Digital Home Index said that one in five people now prefer to talk on their phone, or via social media, than face to face, claiming the UK population has become a nation of people who "can't switch off".

One in five prefer to communicate through social media than face to face Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire
  • Three quarters of the population would struggle to go one day without technology devices such as mobiles, laptops and MP3 players
  • A quarter of people check technology devices from their beds
  • One in ten people take their device into the bathroom
  • Investing in technology is now twice as important as spending on beauty grooming to UK consumers, with double the amount of respondents preferring to lose their wedding or engagement ring than their smartphone
  • Each person owns, on average, £4,164 worth of technology devices