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New supernatural drama 666 Park Avenue premieres on ITV Player

A new programme has premièred on the ITV Player before being shown on TV for the first time.

New supernatural drama 666 Park Avenue will be broadcast on ITV2 tonight, a day after it was made available online.

We are always looking to trial new and innovative ways to launch our programming to audiences using the ITV Player. This year, we will be offering our viewers a combination of paid and free premières and are delighted to announce that 666 Park Avenue will be the first free première available on the ITV Player.

– James Micklethwait, Online Product Director, ITV

The title of 666 Park Avenue refers to the seductively appealing Upper East Side apartment building in which the drama is set – an address with a dark history and a mysterious owner, where shadowy, supernatural forces are at play within its secretive walls. Based on the book series from Alloy Entertainment (publishers/producers of Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries), 666 Park Avenue stars Terry O’Quinn (Lost), Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives), Rachael Taylor (Charlie’s Angels, Grey’s Anatomy) and Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters). The series is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Alloy Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television.

666 Park Avenue Credit: Warner Bros Television

Through our initiative to make free premieres available on the ITV Player, we allow viewers to get a taste of our new shows at their convenience and create a buzz on social media. This approach has worked particularly well with younger audiences in the US and we are excited to be able to trial a similar availability to content on our platform.

– Sonia Sudhakar, Director of Digital & On Demand Marketing, ITV

The first episode of 666 Park Avenue sees Jane Van Veen (Rachael Taylor) and Henry Martin (Dave Annable), an idealistic young couple, arrive in New York City and are offered the opportunity to manage the historic Drake by its wealthy owners, Gavin and Olivia Duran (Vanessa Williams). Jane has big ambitions to be an architect and Henry is a member of the NYC council. They are soon lured by the lifestyle of New York's wealthy elite.