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Oscar Pistorius bail hearing told witness heard 'non-stop shouting'

Photographers take pictures of Oscar Pistorius during a break in court proceedings Photo: REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko

Oscar Pistorius' bail hearing took a dramatic turn today as the court was told how a witness heard "non-stop shouting" from the runner's home before his girlfriend was shot dead.

The South African athlete is charged with the premeditated murder of Reeva Steenkamp but maintains he thought he was shooting an intruder.

Warrant officer Hilton Botha, who was first to investigate the scene of the shooting, told Pretoria Magistrates' Court he believed Pistorius knew he was shooting at his girlfriend through a bathroom door.

But there were gasps from the public gallery when Botha, seeming to crumble under cross-examination, admitted the witness had been as many as 600 metres away.

ITV News' Africa Correspondent Rohit Kachroo reports on court proceedings:

On the second day of the bail hearing, the court was shown a floor plan of Pistorius' luxury home in Pretoria and the bathroom where the shooting took place.

Pistorius says in an affidavit that he woke in the night and thought an intruder had climbed through his bathroom window.

He said he went into the bathroom without his prostheses and fired at the locked toilet door with a 9mm handgun, believing the intruder to be inside.

A projection of the floor plan of Oscar Pistorius' bathroom is shown to the court Credit: Reuters

Steenkamp was hit in the head, arm and hip in the locker-sized toilet room adjoining the bathroom, which itself led from the bedroom.

Botha challenged this account saying that the "top to bottom" trajectory of the bullets suggest he was wearing his prostheses and that the shots were aimed at someone sitting on the toilet.

"I believe he knew she [Steenkamp] was in the bathroom and he shot four shots through the door," Botha told the court.

From left: Oscar Pistorius' sister Aimee, brother Carl and father Henke in the courtroom Credit: Reuters

The court heard details of the post-mortem examination of Reeva Steenkamp, which revealed no evidence of assault on her body.

Pistorius' defence lawyer said she also had an empty bladder, which is consistent with her having got up in the night to use the toilet.

Oscar Pistorius' luxury home in Pretoria, South Africa Credit: Reuters

It was revealed that two boxes of testosterone and some needles were found in the runner's luxury home, but his defence countered that it was a herbal remedy that is not banned.

Details on the substance were not immediately available but administering testosterone as an anabolic agent is banned at all times under World Anti-Doping Agency rules for athletes.

A quantity of unlicensed ammunition was also found in the house, with Botha arguing that Pistorius should face additional charges for possession.

Model Reeva Steenkamp Credit: REUTERS/Capacity Relations/Handout

Botha alleges that Pistorius discharged a gun accidentally last month, persuading someone else to take the blame, and that he had also been involved in a heated row with another man in which he threatened to "f**k him up".

Arguing against Pistorius' application for bail, Botha said there was a risk he would flee the country despite his worldwide celebrity.

The hearing will resume on Thursday.