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Basketball's new slam dunking star - Eddie the otter

Eddie the sea otter plays basketball at Oregon Zoo in Portland. Photo: Oregon Zoo

Michael Jordan is renowned for his slam dunking skills but the basketball legend has a new rival to his crown - in the form of Eddie the elderly sea otter.

The 15-year-old, who keepers describe as a geriatric, has taken up the sport to help with the arthritis in his elbows at Oregon Zoo in Portland and it turns out he is a bit of a star at the sport.

Video courtesy of Oregon Zoo

Jenny DeGroot, the lead sea otter keeper at the Oregon Zoo, trained Eddie to shoot a small ball through a plastic basketball hoop to help keep his joints supple.

But visitors to the zoo will not see the talented otter shooting hoops as he only plays as a form of exercise in his training pool out of public view.

Eddie was rescued off the coast California in 1998 after he was abandoned as a pup and has lived at Oregon Zoo since 2000.