First Lady gets moving with Big Bird to help kids get healthy

Michelle Obama and Sesame Street's Big Bird have teamed up to urge children to eat healthy food.

Two public service announcements have been recorded as part of the third anniversary of Let's Move! - an initiative set up by the First Lady that tries to help children group up healthily and reach their full potential.

Mrs Obama launched Let's Move! in February 2010, to create "real support" for families to lead healthier lives.

The advert sees Mrs Obama and Big Bird talking in the White House kitchen about "healthy snacks" that are "easy, fun and delicious."

The duo also spent some time in the East Room of the White House, where Big Bird learned how much fun it can be to get moving.

Following the adverts, the Sesame Street character thanked the First Lady on Twitter, while Mrs Obama responded to him as "one good egg":


Big Bird: Hi @flotus! Thanks for having me over to the @whitehouse! I had a great time hanging out with you!


It was so great to see you again, Big Bird! Especially since we both love healthy foods, getting active, @sesamestreet and @letsmove! -mo


Big Bird: So fun exercising at White House, @flotus! Hope your husband didn’t mind all the loud stomping. I’m not exactly light on my feet.


.@sesamestreet Big Bird, you are welcome to the @whitehouse any time. You are one good egg! -mo