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Former Paralympian can see his medals for first time thanks to 'bionic eye'

Tim Reddish, former Paralympic swimmer Photo: John Walton/EMPICS Sport

Blind Paralympian Tim Reddish can finally see his medals after being fitted with a 'bionic eye'.

A former [Paralympic](( swimmer, Tim has won medals at three Olympic games, but has never been able to see his rewards until now.

In a ten hour operation Tim was fitted with a bionic eye, meaning that he can now make out shapes, including his medals.

Diagnosed with a degenerative eye-condition at the age of 31, Tim went blind after his site deteriorated between 1988-1995.

The eye was fitted as part of a clinical trial in October last year, medics inserted a 3mm square light sensitive chip under the existing retina in his right eye.

The chip normally costs £100,000 to fit.