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Freezing winds and cloudy weather set to continue over the weekend and into next week

A dusting of snow covers the hill tops above Kettlewell near Skipton as the cold weather continues Photo: John Giles/PA Wire

This week we’ve seen winter bite back, spring tricked us last weekend with lovely sunshine.

It was 14 degrees Celsius at Kinlochewe last Sunday, since then they have been on a downward spiral with 4 degrees Celsius as the top temperature on Thursday.

Unfortunately we will not recover this weekend, that feeling of daggers in your face will continue, and there is a risk of snow.

Why have we got this cold weather?

High pressure is sitting to our northeast, giving us an easterly wind, that originates from the centre of Europe, dragging their bitterly cold air to our shores.

This has given us largely dry and settled weather, which will sit there all weekend.

It is not just the wind direction making it feel cold, but the stronger the wind, the colder the wind chill.

Strongest winds will be in the south, with a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius and speed 30mph gives a wind chill of -5 degrees Celsius.

Snow on the way?

There will be snow, but nothing too significant or disruptive.

From Friday morning snow showers (light flurries in general) will develop in exposed eastern areas, convergence lines (areas where the winds come together) will give more focused showers for some.

Areas most likely to get snow? Kent, Thames estuary and from the Wash to the Midlands.

These areas could see a slight covering, maybe up to 2-5cm for Kent and possibly the North Yorkshire Moors by the end of Saturday.

High pressure this weekend Credit: Daybreak

What does this mean for the weekend?

Saturday and Sunday are quite similar, a penetrating frost, especially in the north with light winds, it could be as low as -8 degrees Celsius. Plus another cloudy, grey day for many, especially for central and eastern areas.

There will be some sunny spells, mostly in sheltered western areas, northwest Scotland looks like a favoured spot.

Cold enough for snow flurries, mostly in eastern areas, accumulations likely for North York moors and Kent but anyone could see the odd flurry.

Temperatures will struggle between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius but the biting easterly wind will continue to make it feel freezing, or lower.

Winds will ease on Sunday.

How about next week?

Cold and settled weather looks set to stay until at least the end of next week.

A weather front will push up from the south keeping it cloudy, largely dry with the nagging easterly wind continuing, though not as strong so not as raw.

Wrap up from the raw winds and enjoy the snow if you’re one of the lucky few, it could be our last.