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Outraged in Damascus: Syrian TV's 'innocent bystander'

The 'innocent bystander' being interviewed on Syrian television. Photo:

An "innocent bystander" vented his anger on Syrian state television after a deadly bombing in Damascus killed at least 53.

He ranted on camera, blaming the Islamist fighters he held responsible and according to the New York Times said:

We the Syrian people ... place the blame on the Nusra Front, the Takfiri oppressors and armed Wahhabi terrorists from Saudi Arabia that are armed and trained in Turkey.

(This is) a civilian place - a mosque, an elementary school, the homes of local families.

But this "innocent bystander" has a habit of turning up in the Syrian capital, moments after an attack, to vociferously support President Bashar al-Assad and denounce the rebels.

The middle-aged man with a grey beard - who sometimes wears a hat - always seemingly appears when a television camera crew want to interview an "ordinary Syrian citizen."

Compilation videos of the man have appeared on YouTube and here are a few images of him being interviewed on TV:

The 'innocent bystander' has appeared numerous times on television.
He always supports President Bashar-al Assad...
And denounces the Syrian rebels.

The mystery man has also been noticed on Twitter, with Syrian writer Rime Allaf commenting:

Activists told The Times (£) that the "innocent bystander" is named Sohaib Shauib - a member of the Syrian regime's plain-clothed shabiha militia.