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Rude Russian drivers get shunted by 'The Punisher'

A Russian bus driver sick of rude drivers who fail to give way to public transport and others who stage accidents in a bid to claim payouts has begun to fight back - with a video camera on his dashboard.

Alexei Volkov - known as The Punisher - has become a celebrity in the town of Zelenograd and claims to have been involved in more than 100 accidents in his career.

Since 2007 the driver has begun recording his journeys with the help of a 'dashcam' and has been uploading them to his YouTube channel, with the footage often clearing him of any wrong-doing.

Speaking to a local news agency, Mr Volkov said: "In total I have had more than one hundred accidents. Of course, I haven’t uploaded all of them: in my channel there are only the obvious scams and some colourful collisions. Besides, I acquired the dash camera only in 2007."