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Three Brits caught up in Egypt hot air balloon disaster named

One of the hot air balloons at the Luxor site prior to the explosion Photo: Christopher Michel/PA Wire

The names of two British nationals and a UK resident killed in a horrific balloon crash in Egypt which left 19 people dead have been released.

Joe Bampton of Clapham in south London and his Hungarian-born partner Suzanna Gyetvai died in the accident.

Yvonne Rennie of Perth in Scotland also died while her husband, Michael, survived by jumping from the balloon's basket as it plunged to Earth.

The accident happened at a popular tourist site in Luxor, Egypt and is the worst of its kind.

ITV News Correspondent Lewis Vaughan-Jones reports:

Witnesses described hearing a loud explosion before seeing plumes of smoke as the balloon caught fire.

People were seen jumping out of the balloon from "about the height of a seven-storey building".

Mr Rennie is being treated at hospital in Egypt and is said to be in a stable condition.

Britain's Ambassador to Egypt James Watts told BBC News he has visited Mr Rennie in hospital and that he is in "remarkably good shape".

The four Britons involved were on holiday in Luxor with tour operator Thomas Cook.

Luxor in eastern Egypt where the crash took place Credit: Google Maps

The other tourists, including holidaymakers from France, Hong Kong and Japan, were all thought to have died in the explosion.

The four Britons were believed to have been among nine people who had jumped from the balloon.

Authorities in Luxor, where there have been previous balloon crashes, have suspended all balloon flights and an investigation is under way.

Neighbours left flowers outside the home of Mr and Mrs Rennie in Perth last night.

One of them, Linda Kettles, described the pair as "very, very nice people" and said they were "really looking forward to getting away."

"I'm totally devastated by the news. I really feel for their families," she added.

The couple moved from Dundee to Perth about 10 years ago and although they had been together for a "long time" they were married only recently, Ms Kettles said.

Mrs Rennie worked as a hospital receptionist and Mr Rennie in the construction industry, she said.

Linda Kettles with daughter in law Louise and her daughter Abigail puts flowers on the doorstep Credit: Andrew Milligan /PA Wire

Harrowing pictures emerged of the wreckage showing body bags at the scene of the crash and the twisted metal remains of the basket they were travelling in.

Cherry Tohamy, an Egyptian living in Kuwait who was on holiday in Luxor, was in another balloon which was landing when she heard an explosion and saw flames from another balloon.

Our pilot told us that the balloon had hit a high-pressure electrical cable and a cylinder on board exploded.

People were jumping out of the balloon from about the height of a seven-storey building.

– eyewitness speaking to the BBC

She said ambulances were at the scene within 15 minutes.

Three Britons have been killed in the hot air balloon crash in Luxor Credit: Reuters

Hot air balloon trips usually take place at sunrise over the Karnak and Luxor temples as well as the Valley of the Kings.

In April 2009, 16 tourists including two Brits were injured after a hot air balloon crashed after reportedly hitting a mobile phone transmission tower in Luxor.

The launch site near Luxor in Egypt prior to a hot air balloon explosion Credit: Christopher Michel/PA Wire

Following the 2009 crash, early-morning hot air balloon flights over the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank of the Nile were suspended for six months while safety measures were tightened up.

During the break, all 42 pilots from the eight companies who operate flights had extra training.

Some of the hot air balloons operating in the area prior to the explosion Credit: Christopher Michel/PA Wire

Other initiatives to improve safety brought in included confining all take-offs to a new balloon "airport" and limiting the maximum number of balloons up at the same time to eight. Previously as many as 50 could share the air space.