Woman discovered wearing false stomach on Beijing subway

There is a wide choice of fake silicone bellies on offer on Chinese shopping sites Photo:

An embarrassing incident for a Beijing woman on a subway train has angered thousands of netizens in China.

The woman was caught out wearing a false silicone stomach on the train in an attempt to encourage people to offer her a seat as a pregnant woman.

When the ruse failed, she had the nerve to lodge a complaint on Monday about the fake stomach’s poor quality, a local newspaper reported.

The woman, surnamed Zhang, brought the complaint to Liyuan Industrial and Commercial Bureau, staff told The Beijing News.

Zhang purchased the belly in order to get seats on the crowded Beijing subway Credit: REUTERS/Jason Lee

Zhang told the staff she bought the fake stomach online after she came across a post advertising silicone stomachs. She said the post claimed the fake stomachs were “very realistic” and could enable a woman to pretend to be pregnant.

Zhang said she paid 300 yuan (about £30) for the fake stomach – after some bargaining.

But when she wore it on the train, the belt tying it to her waist came loose and the fake belly dropped to the ground.

Zhang admitted she was “found out and mocked” by other passengers.