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Bus passengers save the day as driver passes out

A group of Polish passengers are being heralded as heroes after they steered a bus to safety when the driver appeared to pass out at the wheel.

The whole harrowing journey was captured on video by on-board CCTV cameras.

The bus driver slumps in his seat before falling to the floor in the video. Credit: APTN/PKS Gdansk

In the video, the driver is seen slumping in his seat before falling onto the floor.

A woman then screams in Polish, "Can anyone drive?" as she grabs the wheel and attempts to steer the vehicle.

The passengers managed to steer the bus to safety. Credit: APTN/PKS Gdansk

Another woman runs to help her as the bus careens from one side of the road to another, hitting a road sign, a rail and even a car travelling in the opposite direction.

Eventually the women, along with another male passenger, manage to stop the bus:

Video courtesy of PKS Gdansk.

A spokesperson at PKS Gdansk, the bus company, praised the women and said they probably saved the lives of the 20 people on board.

No one was injured in the incident, although the bus driver was taken to hospital for tests.