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Baby delivered after expectant parents killed in crash

The couple were killed in the crash in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Photo: RTV

Doctors in New York managed to deliver a baby boy from a young woman after she was killed in a car crash along with her husband.

The expectant parents were killed on their way to hospital on Sunday morning in a hit-and-run accident.

The New York Police Department said the couple's baby son was delivered prematurely after his mother's death and has survived.

The couple have been named by The New York Times as Nathan and Raizy Glauber.

The pair, both 21-years-old, were married last year.

Both parents were pronounced dead at hospital, where doctors performed a Caesarean section on the mother to deliver the baby. They died of blunt-force trauma, the medical examiner said.

The scene of the crash in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. Credit: RTV

Raizy Glauber was thrown from the vehicle during the crash, according to witnesses who came to the scene after the crash.

Her husband was trapped in the vehicle and emergency workers had to cut off the roof to get him out.

Isaac Abraham, a neighbour of Raizy Glauber's parents, said the Orthodox Jewish couple were using a car service to get to the hospital when the accident took place.

The funeral took place yesterday, in keeping with Orthodox tradition.

Brooklyn is home to the largest community of ultra-Orthodox Jews outside Israel, more than 250,000.