North Korea's ceasefire threat more specific than usual warnings

North Korean leader Kim Jung Un. Photo: Reuters

North Korea's threat to scrap the armistice is more specific than the usual barrage of warnings broadcast when the South and US forces carry out exercises.

The two sides are technically at war, this summer will see ceremonies to mark the 60th anniversary of the ceasefire being signed.

If there ever was a resumption of hostilities then current war game plans predict a very short conflict involving air power and missiles, and the horrific prospect of nuclear war.

The North has always vowed to destroy Seoul with a 'rain of fire' claiming its artillery would fire 250,000 shells per hour on the South Korean capital which is not far from the border, known as the de-militarized zone, or DMS. This marks the line drawn between the two sides when the fighting ended in 1953.

If there ever was a return to war it would once again be a proxy war between China and the US, a prospect neither side wants and something the whole world wishes to avoid.