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Kim Jong-un welcomed by cheering soldiers as North Korea ends non-aggression pact

Soldiers cheer Kim Jong-un as he leaves the military base Photo: APTN

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was welcomed by a crowd of cheering soldiers as he arrived islands near the South Korean border where military units are based.

The country is continuing its posturing towards South Korea after saying that it will end its non-aggression pact its neighbour.

The North Korean leader arrives on the island Credit: APTN

According to the state news agency KCNA, Kim on Thursday visited the Jangjae Islet Defence Detachment and Mu Islet Hero Defence Detachment located in "the biggest hotspot" in the waters of the Korean peninsula, where he urged the units to "make the first gunfire" in response to any attack on its territory.

Crowds of soldiers ran down the beach and rushed towards the leader's boat despite the choppy waters leaving Kim Jong-un looking slightly seasick.

Kim Jong-un can barely be seen amongst the cheering crowd of soldiers Credit: APTN

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