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The UK could see more snow next week as cold air is dragged in from Russia

Crocuses in bloom in Basingstoke, Hampshire Photo: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

After a brief glimpse of spring on Tuesday, the cold air returns this weekend, bringing with it snow as we head into next week.

Temperatures on Tuesday climbed to a staggering 17.5 degrees Celsius in Trowescoed making it the warmest day of the year.

People lined the banks of the river Thames sitting on jumpers and eating ice cream.

This weekend will be a very different scene ,as surge of cold air returns from Scandinavia bringing with it the return of snow.

A couple soak up the sun on the beach in the bright sunshine at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset on Tuesday Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

How can we have snow when it has been so warm?

Meteorologically although we are in Spring, it is the wind direction that dictates our weather.

A southerly wind from Spain gives us mild air and the lovely weather we saw earlier this week.

A northerly or easterly wind, like one we will see this weekend, drags in cold air sitting across Scandinavia or Russia, which are still cold in from winter.

We are basically still on a knife edge between the two.

Interesting fact, it is more likely to snow at Easter than Christmas!

People dress in shorts and short sleeves on the promenade at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

What can you expect this weekend?


Friday starts with two weather fronts.

One in Scotland and Northern Ireland, here our cold easterly wind sets in and the rain will turn to snow over high ground, five to ten centimetres over 300 metres and 20 centimetres over 400 metres.

The second front sits across southern England bringing rain that will be heavy at times, with the best of any sunshine till be in the west.

Through the night the two fronts merge as one big swathe across the country.


Across Scotland the front gives a wet day, persistent rain will ease through the day and sink into northern England, by then the cold easterly wind really sets in bringing the risk of snow down to 100 metres and a significant wind chill combined giving blizzard conditions over high ground.

For east Wales, central and eastern England it will give a cloudy and wet day with ten to 20 millimetres locally 30 millimetres of rain.

Sunshine will be limited but mostly in southwest England and Wales.

The two fronts merge and move south.

Overnight a cold undercut across the Midlands and Northern England gives snow risk even to low levels one to three centimetres and 5 centimetres on hills.

Two cold fronts will merge from the South this weekend Credit: Daybreak


The front continues it’s journey south.

By lunchtime Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England are in the brighter, drier colder air.

The biting easterly wind continues and brings snow showers along North Sea coasts.

The rest of England and Wales will have a cloud day with rain, drizzle and hill snow.

After a mild few days the cold easterly will set in giving a really wind chill.

How about next week?

High pressure sits to our north east bringing largely settled but cold conditions, if you trace the air back it’ll come from Russia.

The good news is there will be sunny spells by day.

The bad news is cold frosty weather returns at night.

Oh and the snow’s not done with us yet, there is a risk light showers, in the east.