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To boldly go where one has never gone before: Queen's message to tweeting astronaut

Colonel Chris Hadfield aboard the International Space Station Photo: Twitter/@Cmdr_Hadfield

The Queen has sent her "best wishes" to Colonel Christopher Hadfield as he takes over control of the International Space Station today.

Her message read:

I am pleased to transmit my personal best wishes, and those of all Canadians, to Colonel Christopher Hadfield as he takes command of the International Space Station on Wednesday.

Our thoughts and best wishes are with him and the entire crew, as are our prayers for an eventual safe return to family, friends and fellow Canadians.

– Queen elizabeth II

The astronaut has risen to worldwide fame after he began tweeting photographs of Earth from his window in the space station.

See a selection of his recent photographs below:

Southampton in the UK Credit: Twitter/@Cmdr_Hadfield
Saskatoon on the South Saskatchewan River in Canada Credit: Twitter/@Cmdr_Hadfield
Tarout Bay in Saudi Arabia Credit: Twitter/@Cmdr_Hadfield
An unidentified mining town in central Asia Credit: Twitter/@Cmdr_Hadfield
An enormous eddy off the coast of Italy Credit: Twitter/@Cmdr_Hadfield
Hadfield posted this photo with the caption "Beautiful blood orange, freshly-delivered from California. It was delicious - thanks" Credit: Twitter/@Cmdr_Hadfield

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