The inside track on Pope Francis

Pope Francis makes a private visit to the 5th-century Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. Photo: REUTERS/Osservatore Romano

After historic scenes here at the Vatican last night - there's a great scramble for some information on Pope Francis.

I've just been speaking to a couple of friends who are great Vatican insiders and they've given me a few interesting details from last night and indeed on the sort of man now leading the Roman Catholic Church.

Apparently when he was elected last night - Pope Francis did not sit on the special throne waiting for him in the Sistine Chapel - he simply returned to his seat, so the Cardinals had to go to pay their respects to him there.

The new Pope did not sit on the special throne waiting for him at the Sistine Chapel.

He did not take up the offer of a special sash, and kept his old tin crucifix around his neck, rather than exchanging it for something grander.

It's thought his election may see a shift on the position of women in the Church - no prospect of women priests on the horizon, but a distinct possibility of women deacons.

Pope Francis kept his old tin crucifix instead of exchanging it for a grander one. Credit: REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

There are question marks over his health, apparently (as has already been reported, he only has one lung)...and though doubtlessly a humble man, has quite a temper when pushed.

And one final titbit. Apparently for supper - Pope Francis dines on a potato.

Haven't managed to establish yet whether it's a Jersey Royal or a King Edward.