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Black Death skeletons discovered in London Crossrail dig

Evidence of a lost burial ground dating from the Black Death Plague in 1348 has been uncovered by archaeologists. Photo: PA

More than a dozen skeletons thought to be victims of the Black Death have been unearthed in the City of London.

The archaeologists were digging on London's Crossrail project. Credit: PA

So far the skeletons of 13 adults have been found under Charterhouse Square in Farringdon during excavation work for the £14.8 billion Crossrail project.

One of the skeletons is inspected after the find. Credit: PA

Archaeologists made the discovery 8ft (2.4m) below the road that surrounds the gardens in the centre of the square.

One of the Black Death skeletons seen as it was found. Credit: PA

They believe there could be as many as 50,000 plague victims buried in the area.

Archaeologist and site supervisor Sam Pfizenmaier inspects the find. Credit: PA