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David 'The Hoff' Hasselhoff sings to save Berlin Wall despite threat of demolition being lifted

David 'The Hoff' Hasselhoff sings to save Berlin Wall Photo:

David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff joined a campaign in Germany to keep what remains of the Berlin Wall as a monument after local developers had originally planned to demolish parts of the former Cold War symbol.

Cheered on by thousands of mostly young protesters who want the Wall to stay how it is, Hasselhoff performed his former hit song "Looking for Freedom" from the back of a van, singing into a megaphone. Recalling the time when in 1989 he was asked to sing the song on theBerlin Wall, Hasselhoff told reporters:

I was honoured in 1989 to sing on the Wall. It was a big surprise to me when they called and asked if I could sing on New Year's Eve and I said, only if I can sing on the Wall, knowing they would say no. And they said we need to get (then West German Chancellor) Helmut Kohl and (then East German leader Erich) Honecker to say yes. Both chancellors had to say yes.

They called back two days later and they said yes.

He said the Wall, "keeps the memories of all the families, the thousands and thousands of families that were torn apart alive."

Some 6,000 people recently demonstrated to keep the part of the Berlin Wall known as "East Side Gallery" intact after German media reported that investors had planned the construction of a 120 metre high building which would have required the demolition of part of the monument.

According to more recent media reports, no demolition is currently planned.