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Reporting Iraq: ITV News' coverage of the invasion

ITV News' Bill Neely reports from Iraq Photo:

British Royal Marines suffer an early setback

Bill Neely was with the Royal Marines in the Al Faw Peninsula as they prepared to launch their major land offensive to secure the oil fields of southern Iraq before Saddam Hussein blew them up.

But just as they were set to advance, news came that a US helicopter carrying eight British soldiers and four US Marines had crashed killing all onboard.

It was a great setback and tragedy.

The Desert Rats cross into southern Iraq

Juliet Bremner was embedded with the 7th Armoured Brigade - commonly referred to as the Desert Rats - when they crossed into Iraq from northern Kuwait under the cover of darkness.

Although in great danger as they came under attack from Iraqi forces they managed to push their way forward.

The Battle for Nassiriya

The Battle for Nassiriya was one of the first major battles of the invasion between Iraqi forces and US marines.

Crushing the resistance and securing the city's two major bridges was of vital importance for plans to progress to Iraq.

James Mates witnessed the battle.

Ali Abbas: The Iraqi orphan who touched the world

Shortly after the invasion of Iraq began, 12-year-old Ali Abbas lost not only his family but both of his arms in a US missile attack on Baghdad.

Andrea Catherwood visited him in hospital.

The Fall of Baghdad

Nearly three weeks into the invasion, US tanks rolled into Iraq's capital Baghdad, John Irvine and his camera crew were there when they arrived.

"I'm feeling free... freedom", one Iraqi man told them. Some of the marines also spoke about their experiences.

The toppling of Saddam's statue

There were jubilant scenes among Iraqis as the reality of Saddam Hussein's ousting and their liberation began to sink in.

Neil Connery was in the main square in Baghdad for iconic moment when Saddam's statue was toppled.

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