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The Iraq war in numbers

British troops gather for a briefing in the Kuwait desert, March 14, 2003. Photo: REUTERS/Paul Jarvis/HO

Lives lost

Since the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom on the 19 March 2003, there have been the following deaths in Iraq.

US (Military and Dept of Defence civilians)

There have been a total of 4,488 US lives lost. This includes 4,422 until the end of the formal combat mission on 31 August 2010 and an additional 66 since under Operation New Dawn.

Source: US Department of Defense


There have been a total of 179 servicemen and woman lost, 136 were killed in action.

Source: Ministry of Defence

Iraqi civilian deaths

There are many conflicting estimates for the death toll of civilians.

According to the organisation, Iraq Body Count - who collect figures by cross-checking media reports and public records - to date between 111,682 and 122,089 civilians have been killed.

Date shows Iraqi civilian death statistics from the beginning of the war to February 2013 Credit: Iraq Body Count

In 2006, a Lancet study estimated that there had been in excess of 654,000 deaths as a consequence of the war.

Source: Iraq Body Count and The Lancet Journal

Cost of the Iraq War

UK spent £9.24bn, which includes £577m in aid - Source: Whitehall

US spent almost $802bn up until 2011

Source: Congressional Research Service

An explosion rocks Baghdad during air strikes March 21, 2003. Credit: REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

Refugees and displacement

It is estimated that following the invasion in 2003, 2 million Iraq refugees fled to Jordan, Syria and other neighbouring states. Approximately 2.7 million Iraqis were displaced in Iraq itself.

Source: Congressional Research Service

It is estimated that 427,000 internally displaced persons and 79,000 refugees returned to their areas of origin between January 2008 and July 2010.

Source: The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

A family flees past a destroyed Iraqi T-55 tank after a mortar attack on British Army positions in the southern city of Basra. Credit: REUTERS/Chris Helgren

Life expectancy in Iraq

Life expectancy at birth in 2003 - 69.5

Life expectancy at birth in 2009 - 68.5

Source: World Bank

Gross Domestic Product

Iraq GDP in 2002 - $18.97 billion

Iraq GDP in 2011 - $115.4 billion

Source: World Bank

Water and Sanitation

The availability of water for agriculture, industry and household supplies is a major issue for Iraq.

The supply of water is often interrupted and of poor quality due to infrastructure problems.

The country also faces considerable challenges in sanitation.Just 26% of the population is covered by the public sewage network, dropping to 2% in rural areas.

Source: United Nations

Children line up to gather water in the Iraq Credit: Reuters


According to Iraq's Ministry of Electricity, just 8,000 of the 13-15,000 mega-watts of power required to meet Iraqi needs is being generated today.

On average, the public network is only able to supply eight hours of power to households per day.

Public approval of the electricity supply has never risen above 39% since 2003..

Source: United Nations

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