Nearly half of public want new Chancellor

George Osborne is under pressure on the eve of the budget. Photo: Matt Cardy/PA Wire/Press Association Images

With less than 24 hours to go before the Budget the latest results of our exclusive ITV News Index poll carried out with Comres will make challenging reading for the coalition, and George Osborne in particular.

It suggests that not far off half the population would rather see someone else in charge of the nation's finances - 44% of the public think it is time for George Osborne to go.

And 41% agree Mr Osborne should scale back the spending cuts to pour cash into infrastructure instead, even if it means adding to the deficit.

Just under 30% support him staying the course.

We've been tracking the public's views of the government's spending decisions for two and a half years now, and the ITV News index shows trust in the Chancellor's ebbing away- at its lowest ever on the eve of a budget.

Net trust was minus 24 down in March 2011, minus 27 in March 2012.

But now, as Osborne prepares for his fourth Budget, it stands at 40.

We'll post plenty more of the fascinating details in the polling through this evening.

Chancellors are not necessarily meant to be popular. But the suggestion that nearly half the public wants Osborne to go will hardly make a difficult day for the government tomorrow any easier.