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Fisherman gets dragged five miles by a great white shark in the Gulf of Mexico

Canadian fisherman Fab Marchese Photo: NBC News

A Canadian tourist got the fishing trip of his life, when a great white shark caught hold of his line.

Taking a trip on his spring break, Canadian tourist Fab Marchese said he thought the fish on the end of his hook was most likely, a great white.

The shark took hold of the line, and was attached for about three and half hours, dragging the boat along for five miles.

Mr Marchese was about 30 miles into the trip, surrounded by about 90 feet of water, when the shark turned up.

The shadow of the shark can be seen through the water Credit: Fab Marchese/NBC News

Basically what was going on in my mind was, I'm hanging onto this thing no matter what.

– Fab Marchese, Fisherman

Marine scientists have confirmed from images taken by Mr Marchese and the boat's captain Joe Maisano, that it was definitely a shark from the great white family, either a mako shark or a great white.

Joe Maisano, captain of the boat who helped capture the images of the shark Credit: NBC News

The shark, which was more than half the length of the boat, was finally let go by Mr Marchese after he cut the line.