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Young gang victim Thusha takes steps towards recovery

Thusha Kamaleswaran, caught in the crossfire of a gang fight two years ago, on the Daybreak sofa. Photo: Daybreak

One of the youngest ever victims of crime violence in the UK, Thusha Kamaleswaran, shot by a stray bullet in Stockwell two years ago, has defied the doctors who said she would never walk again.

Thusha, now seven, was left paralysed after being caught in the crossfire of a gang shooting as she danced around in her uncle's shop.

Thusha was expected to be permanently wheelchair-bound after the attack, but after two years of intensive physiotherapy and the determination and support of her family, she has started taking her first steps on a treadmill, and doctors say movement has returned to one of her legs.

Thusha, her brother, her father and her doctor, appeared on the Daybreak sofa to talk about the progress of her "miraculous" journey to get back on her feet.

Thusha does two hours of intensive leg exercises every day, helped by her older brother and family. She said liked doing her exercises, as she is still dreaming of being a dancer.

Her doctor Sarah Jarvis said her achievement has been "absolutely astonishing."

It is absolutely astonishing. When you damage the spinal cord, it is not like normal nerves, sometimes they can regrow, but inside the spinal cord that is very hard to happen. Now of course time is on Thusha's side, as her nerves can regrow, but of course her muscles are also growing as she has more weight to support, so it is vital she keeps doing her exercises.