The banks' 'black hole' is revealed

The Financial Policy Committee has revealed the banking sector's 'black hole'. Photo: Ian West/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The Bank of England's new regulator has just revealed how much danger our banks are still in, and it is not pretty.

The FPC, the new committee, has estimated that the banks may have underestimated losses they may make in the next few years by 50 billion pounds.

And they are telling the banks that they need to fix a 25 billion hole in their balance sheets by the end of the year.

The Bank will not name and shame the individual banks but it appears pretty clear that the banks with the most serious problems to fix are the ones that we own chunks of, RBS and Lloyds.

Some of the banks already have plans to raise more cash to insulate themselves from future problems.

But it is abundantly clear that nearly five years from the start of the crisis is very far from over.

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