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Toddler filmed picking lock on sister's bedroom door to steal her toys

The two-year-old 'Bedtime Bandit' picks the lock to his sister's bedroom. Photo: YouTube/Joann Moser

When the sister of a two-year-old boy in the US discovered the toddler had been sneaking into her bedroom in the dead of night to steal her toys, she thought she would put a stop to it by locking her door while she slept.

Little did she know the toddler would become an expert in picking locks. As the late-night escapades continued, the children's parents decided to set up a video camera on the landing of their home to discover exactly what was happening.

To their surprise, they discovered their son had become skilled at using nail clippers to pick the lock on his eight-year-old sister's bedroom door to steal her toys inside.

The parents uploaded the video called 'The two-year-old Bedtime Bandit' to YouTube and so far and at the time of writing the footage had been watched more than 450,000 times.

In an email conversation with the Huffington Post, mum Joann Moser said: "Our eight-year-old daughter came to us one night and told us our two-year-old was taking stuff at night out of her room.

"We told her to... just lock the door. A couple nights later she told us he had opened the lock on his door. We were very sceptical so we set up the camera in the hall to see what would happen.

The two-year-old seen returning to his bedroom with the loot. Credit: YouTube/Joann Moser

"Sure enough within a few seconds of closing his door and locking hers he was at the door opening the lock. The rest is on the video. We could not stop laughing afterward and we let him sleep with the Pillow Pet that night."