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With just a few days to go, this could be the coldest March on record

The lambs brave the cold March weather Photo: John Giles/PA Wire

March is set to be the coldest since 1962 and joint 4th coldest on record, which dates back to 1910, with an average temperature of only 2.5C, which is 3 degrees below average!

Normal March temperatures average at around 10 to 12 degrees Celsius, this month it has been around five degrees Celsius.

Why has it been so cold?

The jet stream has a big price to pay.

It is a fast moving ribbon of air high up in the atmosphere that divides the warm air to our south from the cold air to our north.

This March, in fact much of this year, it has dipped much further south than normal allowing latterly cold Siberian air to plunge across us and it does not look like it is in a hurry to move back north any time soon.

Why, is open to investigation, but some scientists have linked it to the melting Arctic sea ice.

Daffodils in the snow: It is more likely to snow at Easter than Christmas Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

What is the outlook for the Easter Weekend?

Easter of course can vary in date by around a month.

It falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox.

This weekend looks like we could break another record.

Friday morning the temperature dipped to -10.3C in Braemar this makes it the coldest Easter on record.

This weekend, high pressure builds from the north and this will do two things, firstly cut off the snow showers and secondly give us lighter winds.

What is the forecast for Easter?

Very repetitive! Cold mornings, especially over snow covered fields, here temperatures will plummet as low as -6 to -10 degrees Celsius.

Icy conditions will develop where snow is still lying or falling.


We should all see the sun at some point, the best of the blue skies will be in the west, scattered snow showers for northern and eastern areas, which will ease over the weekend to light flurries.

So yes... it cold be a white Easter but only in the northeast with a few flakes.

The winds, however, will ease which will mean it will not feel as raw.

So all in all, dry and sunny weather with temperatures up to a balmy 7 degrees Celsius!

Wrap up and enjoy it, on Monday the raw easterly wind picks up again.

A cyclist braves the snow near Reeth in the Yorkshire Dales Credit: John Giles/PA Wire

Is there an end in sight?

The forecast is colder than average conditions for the next four weeks.

The nagging easterly wind looks set to continue for a week or two.

Then from mid April a ‘slow recovery’ with a signal for more unsettled weather and temperatures returning to average.

It i hard to believe this time last year was the 3rd warmest March on record, however we were also in drought.

Back then we hoped for rain and we ended up with lots of it, maybe we should just all hope for warmth and see if will power really works? It is worth a try!