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Is this the world's biggest rabbit?

Continental Giant rabbit Ralph weighs nearly four stone. Photo: ITV Daybreak

A rabbit that weighs nearly four stone is believed to have reclaimed his crown as the world's biggest bunny.

Four-year-old Ralph, who tips the scales at 3st 8lbs, first held the title in 2010 before being overtaken by a fellow Continent Giant.

His owner Pauline Grant told ITV's Daybreak he gets through a diet including cabbage, broccoli, cucumber, carrots, watercress, and brown bread every day.

Ralph first held the title of world's biggest rabbit in 2010. Credit: ITV Daybreak

The rabbit lives at Sussex Horse Rescue in Uckfield, East Sussex and Ms Grant said:

"We've got over a hundred rescued horses and donkeys but there's a huge interest in Ralph!"

It seems Ralph's massive weight is helped by his genes, his mother was also a Guinness Book of Record holder for biggest rabbit.