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Charity concert held to help Cyprus' unemployed

The crowd enjoys the charity concert in Nicosia. Photo: APTN

Thousands of people have attended a music concert in Cyprus in a bid to help those struggling as a result of the country's financial crisis.

Admission to the day-long event in Nicosia- organised by Cyprus Aid - was free but revellers were asked to donate items, such as food and clothing, which could be distributed to the city's poor and unemployed. In return they got to enjoy performances from 50 Greek and Cypriot acts.

Volunteers sort through donations from revellers in Nicosia. Credit: APTN

Volunteers were overwhelmed with hundreds of boxes of donations. One said: "We are doing this to help people and we want to send a message to people abroad that if we are united we can make things happen,"

Concert organiser, Nicko Zavallis, said the response from local people to the event had been "amazing".

"We did not expect this outcome," he said. "People have been coming with trucks. Instead of a bag, they have been filling up trucks of goods and they have been bringing it to us."

The crowd enjoys the charity concert in Nicosia. Credit: APTN

Charity worker Melina Shukuroglou said she had mixed feelings about the event, and the circumstances leading up to it:

Cyprus' jobless rate now stands at 15 percent, but economists fear a significant spike in the months ahead following a financial rescue agreement with the country's eurozone partners and the International Monetary Fund that has decimated the troubled banking sector and choked businesses.