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'I just didn't have the $20 that day', says woman who missed out on lottery win

Lotto winner Laurie Finkelstein Reader with 'loser' Jennifer Maldonado Photo: ITV Daybreak

It’s a lottery nightmare: You decide not to take part in the office lottery syndicate — and your co-workers strike it rich.

When Jennifer Maldonado's office lottery pool hit a $1 million Powerball jackpot, she kicked herself for not chipping in $20.

The dozen Florida real estate agents, who pooled their money and won $1 million, now plan to share the earnings with their unfortunate colleague.

Ms Maldonado told ITV Daybreak: "I just didn't have the $20 that day and I didn't feel comfortable taking a loan from a brand new employer."

Manager Laurie Finkelstein Reader added: "Even though we'd only known Jennifer for a couple of weeks, I felt the right thing to do was include her."