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'I'm game if she is': Boris Johnson accepts Pippa Middleton's 'wiff-waff' challenge

Pippa Middleton taking part in the 90 km long cross country skiing competition Vasaloppet last year Photo: Sofi Sandberg/Scanpix/Press Association Images

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said he is 'game' to meet Pippa Middleton in a ping pong match after the indomitable Ms Middleton issued a challenge to the mayor over his professed 'wiff-waff' skills.

Writing in The Spectator, the Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister described the upset she suffered when an avalanche prevented her from completing a recent endurance ski and stopped her reaching the Matterhorn.

Instead, the author has set herself another challenge closer to home.

Back home in London after my Alpine challenges, I can now pursue less demanding hobbies in my spare time, such as ping-pong.

I’m informed that Boris Johnson, former editor of this magazine, wants to be ‘whiff-whaff’ world king even more than he wants to be Prime Minister.

I’m also told the Johnsons are almost as competitive as the Middletons.

So I’d like to lay down a challenge to the Mayor.

My only stipulation is that I can use my favourite Dunlop Blackstorm Nemesis bat, which I used when I played in the Milton Keynes U13 National Championships, don’t you know.

Bring it on, Boris.

– Pippa Middleton writing in the Spectator

When asked by the Editor of the magazine, Fraser Nelson, how he felt about a match Boris replied that he was keen to show off his table tennis prowess:

The Editor was quick to try and nail down some details for the game:

Both the Middleton and Johnson families have spoken about their competitive nature and Pippa is a keen long distance skier.

Pippa Middleton taking part in the 90 km long cross country skiing competition Vasaloppet last year Credit: Sofi Sandberg/Scanpix/Press Association Images

Boris Johnson famously told the story of the origins of table tennis -or 'wiff-waff' when he accepted the Olympic flag on behalf of London at the end of the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

The mayor said that ping pong was invented on the dinner tables of England and was known as 'wiff-waff'.

Hopefully Mr Johnson will be better than the Prime Minister was when he teamed up with Barack Obama two years ago: