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Cancer fighter, 7, scores touchdown in front of 60,000 teary-eyed fans

A 7-year-old brain cancer patient from America had a moment to remember when he scored a touchdown in front of 60,000 screaming American football fans.

Jack Hoffman, on a two-week break from a 60-week chemotherapy programme, got the opportunity after making friends with Nebraska running-back Rex Burkhead.

Asked what was on his mind when he took to the field, the youngster replied: "Scoring a touchdown."

After he reached the endzone to score his touchdown, players from both teams lifted him high to the cheers of teary-eyed supporters inside the Memorial Stadium.

"It felt really awesome," Jack said.

Taylor Martinez, the quarterback who handed the pass to Jack Hoffman, pictured with his new teammate after the game. Credit: Team Jack

Burkhead, who is soon to be drafted into an NFL team, said he got as much pleasure from Jack's moment as he has from any of the touchdowns he has scored himself.

"Jack is a fighter, a strong kid," Burkhead said. "To see him run around and enjoy the Husker experience, it's a dream come true, especially for kids in the state of Nebraska. For Jack to get down here and do it, I know it made his day."

American football star Rex Burkhead with Jack Hoffman after his touchdown. Credit: Team Jack