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From Clarkson to Clinton: Who is invited to Margaret Thatcher's funeral?

Jeremy Clarkson, Geoffrey Archer and Hillary Clinton are all invited to Wednesday's service in London. Photo: PA Wire

The funeral of Margaret Thatcher will see the Queen and a host of world leaders brush shoulders with British political figures and famous Tory voters.

Among those receiving the 2,000 invitations to attend next Wednesday's service at St Paul's Cathedral are:

  • All surviving former prime ministers
  • All surviving former US presidents and a Reagan family representative
  • All surviving members of Lady Thatcher’s Cabinets
  • The current Cabinet
The Queen with Margaret Thatcher in 2009. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Archive
  • Ed Miliband, as the lead of Her Majesty's opposition
  • Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission
  • Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
  • Tony Blair and Cherie Blair
  • Sir Bernard and Lady Ingham
  • Author and former Tory MP Geoffrey Archer
Former Tory cabinet member Michael Portillo has been invited. Credit: David Jones/PA Archive
  • Former Tory minister Michael Portillo
  • Lord Powell of Bayswater, Margaret Thatcher's former private secretary
  • Lord Carrington, Thatcher's first foreign secretary
  • A representative of Nelson Mandela
FW de Klerk and John Major are due to attend the funeral at St Paul's. Credit: Chris Bacon/PA Archive
  • FW de Klerk, the last president of apartheid-era South Africa
  • Former Prime Minister Mahathir of Malaysia
  • Stephen Harper, Canadian prime minister
  • Brian Mulrooney, former Canadian prime minister
Dame Shirley Bassey will be among the famous faces in the cathedral. Credit: Hubert Boesl/DPA
  • Author Fredrick Forsyth
  • Composer Lord (Andrew) Lloyd Webber
  • Singer Dame Shirley Bassey
  • Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson

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