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Psy launches Gangnam Style follow-up Gentleman at packed Seoul gig

Psy is aiming to repeat the success of his global smash Gangnam Style Photo: REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won

South Korean rapper Psy launched the dance and video of his new song Gentleman at a packed Seoul concert on Saturday.

Fans, many of them dressed in white as Psy had requested before the concert, packed the 50,000 seats at Seoul's World Cup Stadium.

The concert was also streamed live on the Internet, with nearly 160,000 tuning in online to see the follow-up to his megahit Gangnam Style.

"I feel more burden than before, because lots of people are watching," Psy told a news conference before the concert.

The video for Gentleman, whose refrain is "I'm a mother father gentleman", featured a fast, hip-swinging dance by Psy in his trademark sunglasses and a variety of jackets.

Psy tweeted his followers after the concert asking what they thought:

The initial verdict among some fans was that the new hit bears a striking resemblance to the last one:

The video for Gangnam Style is the most watched ever on YouTube with more than 1.5 billion hits, and its horse-riding dance has been imitated across the world.

But it has been challenged by Harlem Shake, an electronic dance track by DJ Baauer released last year that went viral as a YouTube craze.