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Today is the warmest day of the year so far

A girl enjoying the sunny weather in Shiremoor, North Tyneside Photo: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

The most noticeable difference in the weather has been the rise in temperature today.

The thermometer climbed all the way to 22°C in the village of Santon Downham in Suffolk, making it the warmest day since last September.

Other parts of the South-East are also enjoying 19-20°C in some nice spells of warm sunshine.

However, in the West and North-West in particular it has been a different story. Strong southwesterly winds have been blowing a gale with heavy outbursts of rain.

It didn't feel like it, but even here the temperature was above the seasonal average.

Why the sudden change?

The jet stream has now moved, and is currently sitting to the North of the UK.

It is doing two things: Firstly, it is letting the warmer air from southern Europe drift closer towards us, but it is also allowing low pressure systems to run in from the Atlantic. This means that unsettled weather will continue in the days ahead.

The orange ribbon represents the jet stream which drives our weather

The forecast

This week we're expecting more spells of warm sunshine but also more unsettled weather at times.

Monday gets off to a good start: Most places will stay dry, but a scattering of showers is possible across Scotland and Wales. Elsewhere any showers will be very isolated.

The wind will be lighter but still strong enough to have a cooling effect.

On Tuesday, low pressure will feed another weather front across us from the West, but with the wind staying quite strong the rain will rattle through fairly quickly.

Wednesday and Thursday look often cloudy with outbreaks of rain at times. The best spells of any sunny weather will be across the South-East again.

The outlook for the last two weeks of April are expected to remain changeable.