Parents across the country to find out this week about school places for their children

Ruth Abram is disappointed her daughter Freya missed out on her chosen schools Photo: Daybreak

Parents across the country find out this week if their children have got places at their chosen schools.

Due to a baby boom between 2001 and 2010, there are concerns that many will be disappointed as demand outstrips supply, especially at popular schools.

Daybreak spoke to one mum in Runcorn, who was turned down at all three of her preferences, her daughter will now go to a school told by Ofsted that it needs improvement.

She plans to appeal but according to experts only 14% of appeals are successful.

A report by the National Audit office said the government needs to create more than a quarter of a million a school places by next year to keep up with demand.

The Department for Education says it will spend five billion by 2015, some question wether this will be enough.