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Twitter launches app to 'change way people find music'

Twitter has launched a new music service it says will "change the way people find music".

The social networking site said the #music app uses information from Twitter activity to find popular tracks and emerging artists and suggest them to its users.

Twitter launches new music app. Credit: @Twitter

Music can be played through the app itself or on iTunes, Spotify and Rdio. Users can also tweet songs directly from the app.

Although the app is free, users must have an Rdio or Spotify subscription to listen to songs in full.

The Twitter #music app is available at Apple's App Store now and a web version is expected to be released later today:

Twitter did not announce a Google Android model.

The launch follows intense speculation over Twitter's next move following Facebook's launch of a music feature that allows people to listen to songs with their friends.

Last week American Idol host Ryan Seacrest created a buzz surrounding the app when he tweeted:

The app is available for download in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Twitter said it plans to bring the service to more countries "over time".

How does the #music app work?

  • If you're interested in a track tweeted by an artist or someone you follow on Twitter, click on #NowPlaying to view and listen to it:
To begin listening to a track your interested in click on #NowPlaying. Credit: @Twitter
  • If you are scrolling through a music chart and want to know more about the artist whose song charted you can click on their avatar to see their top track, follow them on Twitter, or tap on their username to view their full profile:
The app suggests artists you might like to listen to. Credit: @Twitter
  • Should you wish to listen to music from the artists another user follows you can search for their name using the search icon in the top right-hand corner of the app. Then click on the artist you are interested in and hit the play button to begin listening.
  • Or you can listen to all the artists the user follows by pressing the play button on the player:
A Twitter user's profile on the app. Credit: @Twitter
  • When you find songs you want to share with your Twitter followers you can click on the spinning disc in the lower left-hand corner of the app. This is will open the player and you can tweet it using the tweet icon in the top right-hand corner:
The music player. Credit: @Twitter