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Famous bites in sporting history

Evander Holyfield (L) recoils after Mike Tyson (R) bit his ear Photo: Reuters/Steve Marcus

As the FA considers how to deal with Luis Suarez biting another player during Liverpool's clash with Chelsea at the weekend, it is worth remembering he is not the first sportsman to have a nibble.


Probably the most infamous sporting bite occurred in the boxing ring, when Mike Tyson challenged Evander Holyfield for the world heavyweight title in 1997.

Tyson bit off a chunk of Holyfield's left ear and spat it on the floor prompting the referee to call time out. He later claimed he had been aggravated by Holyfield's continual head-butting, but he was still disqualified from the competition.

PENALTY: Boxing licence revoked and $3 million (£2m) fine.

Mike Tyson followed fellow biter Luis Suarez on Twitter Credit: Twitter


In 2001, Sevilla striker Francisco Gallardo got a little carried away during a goal celebrating, biting his own team-mate José Antonio Reyes in a sensitive area.

PENALTY: Life-long ridicule.

Watch the video of the incident below:


In 1995, actor and former Wales captain Vinnie Jones proved that the sporting bite could be employed off as well as on the pitch when he lunged at Daily Mirror reporter Ted Oliver.

PENALTY: A full account in the Mirror the next day.


Rugby has had its fair share of biters starting with the Australian "phantom biter" Tommy Raudonikis who almost tore off the nose of halfback Johnny Gibbs in 1976.

PENALTY: Fined AUS$200 (£135) and featured on cover of Rugby League Week with fangs


On the disastrous 2005 Lions tour of New Zealand, Danny Grewcock bit the All Blacks' hooker Keven Mealamu on the finger.

PENALTY: Two month ban


In 2012, England's Dylan Hartley was suspended for biting Irish player Stephen Ferris during a Six Nations match. Ferris reportedly had to show the bite marks as evidence since it was not caught on camera.

PENALTY: Eight-week suspension

England rugby player Dylan Hartley was suspended for eight weeks over a bite Credit: David Davies/PA Archive/Press Association Images


American football player Conrad Dobler bit the finger of an opponent during an NFL game. In an interview with Esquire, he pointed out that he hadn't even chewed the finger.

PENALTY: Branded 'Pro Football's Dirtiest Player' by Sports Illustrated in 1977


In 2011, ice hockey player Alex Burrows nibbled an opponent's finger during the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Finals.

PENALTY: Players for the victim's team have waggled their fingers at him ever since

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