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Man describes how his Hotpoint dishwasher caught fire

Martin Squires' Hotpoint dishwasher caught fire last July. Photo: Martin Squires

The electrical giant Hotpoint is facing criticism about delays in warning the public about thousands of potentially faulty dishwashers.

A safety notice has been issued in relation to dishwasher models FDW20, FDW60 and FDW65A after it was discovered 71,000 were a potential fire hazard.

Hotpoint has been contacting customers about the faulty dishwashers since October 2012, and launched its national public campaign about the products last week.

Martin Squires' Hotpoint dishwasher caught fire last July - before the company issued any warnings.

Yesterday, Hotpoint's marketing director Michelle Gorringe-Smith told ITV News that after the discovery of a "particular issue" it took "six months to really piece that jigsaw together".

Hotpoint has issued the following advice on its website to check if you have an affected product:

  • Make sure the dishwasher is turned off and disconnected from the wall socket.
  • Check the model - FDW20, FDW60 and FDW65A - are the models affected and serial number of your Hotpoint dishwasher. These can be found on a sticker on the inside of the door.
  • The serial number is 9 digits long, if the first 5 digits are between S/N 60601 and S/N 70331 your appliance is affected.
  • If repaired recently by Hotpoint and there is a green sticker on the inside of the door, then the machine has already been repaired.

If you believe you own an affected Hotpoint dishwasher, visit the Hotpoint website or contact the company's customer service centre on 08448 910094 where they can arrange for a free repair.

There is also a dedicated email address set up for enquiries:

The Electrical Safety Council is a UK charity dedicated to keeping people safe by reducing the risk of electrical accidents around the home and in the work place. They have created a tool that allows people to quickly check if their electrical items are subject to recall notices. This is available at

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